During the late 1970's and early 80's I spent some time looking for undiscovered petroglyphs. I was facinated by the extensive and very rich finds of rock-carvings in this part of the country and especially in neighbouring Bohuslän in Sweden.

Intrigued by the assertion that none were to be found to the west of the Glomma river which runs between Kråkerøy island on which we live and Onsøy, I set out to look for undiscovered carvings from the Norwegian bronze age. The following are a selection of 3000 year old petroglyphs discovered and registered about 10 years ago. The measured drawings were done by myself and logged with the archaeological department of the University in Oslo at the time.







Other rock carvings in our district:

    Hornes, Skjeberg

    QTVR panorama of a site of ships at Hornes in Skjeberg east of Fredrikstad. (424 Kb needs QuickTime VR player for Mac or Windows.)

    Evjestien, Rolvsøy

    Bakkehaugen, Skjeberg

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