The Lunde-Ludvigsen family of Kråkerøy (Fredrikstad), Norway

From the original 1994-98 pages:

The pets

Balthazar, the dog:

Oskar and Peter, the cats:

Pat barking! (Pat was our dear deceased Golden Retriever. She has since been replaced by Balthazar. Who ever said "On the Internet no one know's you're a dog"?!)


Loshavn is a beautiful, small 19th century fishing village on the south coast of Norway. It's located about an hour and a half's drive west of Kristiansand, just west of the very southernmost tip of the country. Loshavn is at the south east corner of the lista peninsula which was heavily occupied and fortified by the occupying forces during the Second World War. Some of the fortifications surrounding Loshavn are vissible in the pictures.

The village was founded in the early part of the 1700's when the neighboring port of Eikvåg ran out of building space. The early 19th century was probably the most exciting time in Loshavn's history. The largest houses were built and traffic in the harbour was hectic. Norway, being a Danish colony ended up on the French side during the Napoleonic wars. After the British attack on København harbour and the destruction of the Danish-Norwegian navy, pilots along the southern coast of Norway were given small canon with which to arm their sail boats and permission to attack any British ship attempting to run the blockade of the Baltic. The proceeds of the rather profitable privateering that ensued was often used to build and embellish private property in the ports to which the prizes were taken and the spoils divided up.

The house in which we have spent many wonderful vacations since 1980 was built in 1810 on the proceeds of serveral rather profitable attacks on British ships. It's owned by an architect colleague and can be seen as the white, 3-storey house at the right of the wide b/w pictures above.

Just outside there's a lighthouse, now automated,called Katland Fyr. It's one of our favorite views because the lighting is always chaning. This QUICKTIME film (2.6 MB) shows a series of lighting situations during the Easter vacation of 1994.

Katland Fyr


Since 1993 we have also vacationed in Eikvåg, which is 5 minutes from Loshavn. "This room" on the strip above is the dining room of the house. The pictures are from a letter I wrote to my friend Chris Lund in SF after a Easter holiday in Eikvåg. The letter was written as an html document with pictures to simplify sending multimedia letters. The whole things was done on a Powerbook while we were there, including the pictures which were taken with a QuickCam attached to the machine's serial port.

The house

This is the house. Built in the late 1700's or early 1800's.

Panorama 01 Panorama 02 Panorama 03

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