Cu-SeeMe Mailing list

CU-SeeMe Maillist

(From the Readme file)

For anyone interested in following developments in CU-SeeMe or its use, an automated maillist has been established. The list is provided for unrestricted discussion of the CU-SeeMe packet video software under development by the Cornell CU-SeeMe project and its collaborators. Developers and project management all read the list. Currently, there are over 460 members on the list, and there are usually several messages each day. We, and other users, would also like to hear about and discuss innovative uses of CU-SeeMe. Please write and tell us your story.

To join the list, send a message with the following line as the entire message body to

subscribe cu-seeme-l  <first name> <last name>

(Substitute your actual name, please; it's amazing how many don't.) You should receive a confirming message with extensive instructions on use of the list.

You can send mail to be distributed to the list to: Please be sure to send to this address ONLY when you want your message redistributed.

B.L.'s note:

There's also a list for announcements only: cu-seeme-announce-l

Sed the message:

subscribe cu-seeme-announce-l  <first name> <last name>
to subscribe.

To leave the list, (and it's even more amazing how many don't get this), send a mail to: with the message body:

unsubscribe cu-seeme-l

Help about using the listserver can be obtained by sending the message:


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